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Art Adventures

Edu-tainment of the artful kind

Welcome to Art Adventures with Laura, friend!

I love sharing my creativity with everyone, no matter their age or ability.  We all have creative juices flowing though us.  My classes are slow paced, easy and individual so that everyone is relaxed and enjoying the adventure of creativity.

Testimonies from Facebook on the power of Art Adventures with Laura: Heather says a beautiful, safe space to explore and express emotions with Laura as your confidence coach and guide

While drawing I discover what I really want to say.
- Dario Fo

Paint and Sip

Gather 'round with friends, family or your co-workers for a Paint & Sip!

I love seeing the joy in someone eyes when they try something new and the results that came from that effort.

Testomony from Facebook about Art Adventures with Laura: Moe says a teacher who is not only going to give you detailed instructions, but make the lessons so much fun. Students are proud and  often surprised at their accomplishments.

After School Programs


The Arts are something that is gradually being removed or limited from our schools.  Our service aims to fill gap.

Art Adventures with Laura

One of my passions is bringing art to Special Needs kiddos who don’t typically have access to art during the school day.