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Art Workshops

With friends, family, or your co-workers, workshops are a great team building event that brings out the kid in all of us.

A fully customizable art event for one and all to enjoy.

Did you know? According to the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine:

There is increasing evidence in rehabilitation medicine and the field of neuroscience that art enhances brain function by impacting brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. Art can also raise serotonin levels. These benefits don’t just come from making art, they also occur by experiencing art. Observing art can stimulate the creation of new neural pathways and ways of thinking.

This is why Art Adventures with Laura was born.

This service includes:

• A tailored event to your wants & needs
• Inclusive access for participants of all ages and skill levels
• Art supplies provided by us!


Price to be discussed

From the artist's mouth

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